Tuna Cali Roll

Tuna, avocado, sesame seeds & Cucumber

Blossom Roll

Tuna, Salmon, White Fish, Asparagus, Sesame Seeds & Tempura Style

Triple S Roll

Inside: Soy paper, mixed green salad, tuna, salmon, yellow tail, avocado & asparagus Top: 3 color caviar Side: spicy zaka mustard sauce (no rice)      

Rainbow Roll

Inside: California roll. Outside: tuna, salmon, &wahoo

El Doral Roll

Inside: tuna, salmon, white fish & avocado Top: Crab meat, sesame seeds, & fish egg

Sexy Roll

Inside: Spicy crab & avocado Top: Masago, cucumber & wrapped with Tuna

Paradise Fish Roll

Inside: crab avocado salad, fresh mango and cucumber Wrapped with fresh salmon, tuna and wahoo EBI shrimp, seaweed salad, ikura and mango sauce on the top


Inside: tuna and avocado Outside: Shrimp, fish eggs and sesame with eel sauce on top


Inside: Shrimp Tempura & avocado with cucumber I/O Top: Tuna, sesame seeds & eel sauce

Shirashi Sushi

Sushi Rice with 2 pieces of salmon, tuna, hamachi, eel and shrimp. Imitation crab and seaweed salad on the top