Sesame Seeds

Eel Roll

Ell, avocado, sesame seeds & Cucumber

Salmon Cali Roll

Salmon, avocado, sesame seeds & Cucumber

Tuna Cali Roll

Tuna, avocado, sesame seeds & Cucumber

California Roll

Crab meat, avocado, sesame seeds & cucumber

Blossom Roll

Tuna, Salmon, White Fish, Asparagus, Sesame Seeds & Tempura Style

Mexican Roll

Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, sesame seeds & spicy mayo

Nigihama Roll

Yellowtail, sesame seeds & Scallions (6pcs)

Ninja Roll

Inside: mutation crab & Cream cheese Outside: avocado & sesame seeds Top: baked chopped scallop with Mayo & fish eggs          

Lobster Dynamite Roll

Inside: deep fried Florida lobster, seaweed salad, & cucumber I/O Top: tobiko & wasabi Mayo, sesame seeds, baked chopped scallop, with Mayo & fish egg    

Dance Eel Roll

Inside: California roll Outside:Eel,Eel sauce ,& sesame seeds

Zaka Modern Japanese Cuisine