Fish Eggs

Ninja Roll

Inside: mutation crab & Cream cheese Outside: avocado & sesame seeds Top: baked chopped scallop with Mayo & fish eggs          

Spicy Tuna Roll

Inside: Chopped tuna, mayo, fish eggs, scallion & soy bean paste I/O Top: Fish eggs & sesame seeds

Spicy Salmon Skin Roll

Inside: Chopped spicy tuna & salmon skin I/O Top: Sesame seeds & fish eggs.

Volcano Roll

Inside: imitation crab, cream cheese & cucumber Outside: Avocado & sesame seeds Top: Bake Chopped conch with Japanese mayo & fish eggs.

Sapporo Roll

Inside: Shrimp tempura, imitation crab, cucumber, and cream cheese Outside: Avocado and fish eggs.


Inside: tuna and avocado Outside: Shrimp, fish eggs and sesame with eel sauce on top