5 Japanese Sushi Etiquette Tips

5 Japanese Sushi Etiquette Tips

You have been eating sushi for many years now as you absolutely love it. Each time you have an opportunity to enjoy a sushi meal, you become excited because you anticipate enjoying richly flavored food. Though you have been enjoying sushi forever, you likely never considered that there are certain rules of etiquette you must follow. Whether you are eating sushi in a Japanese Restaurant in Florida or across the sea in Japan, there are five sushi etiquette tips you must follow.

1. Do Not Rub Your Chopsticks Together

If you are using chopsticks while eating Japanese cuisine, avoid rubbing them together. Rubbing your chopsticks implies that they are defective and of inferior quality. It is extremely rare that you will find splinters or other defects in wooden chopsticks since the restaurant is careful about making sure all chopsticks are of exceptional quality before offering them to customers. If you do notice a problem with your chopsticks, politely notify your server discretely.

2. Lay Off the Cologne or Perfume

While you may have a favorite cologne or perfume, sushi etiquette dictates that you do not wear it when you go to eat sushi. This rule applies whether you are eating sushi in Doral, FL or in Tokyo. Those who are avid sushi eaters understand that part of the sushi experience is enjoying the smells of the various fish along with their tastes. When diners wear perfume or cologne, this interferes with the flavors and smells of the food. You may think this rule is unreasonable. But when you consider that most sushi restaurants are not that large, the smells of perfume or cologne can literally affect everyone in the establishment. Following the rule of avoiding any scented cosmetics ensures that you remain in harmony with everyone at the restaurant as you will not create a disturbance for others who are there to enjoy their meals.

3. Eat Your Sushi in the Correct Order

You probably never thought about this, but there is a correct order for eating sushi. While there are no hard and fast rules, it is customary in Japanese culture to start by eating lighter-colored fish first and then move on to eating richer and oily fish such as eel and tuna. Furthermore, make sure to eat a piece of ginger and take a sip of green tea between eating each piece of fish as this is thought to cleanse your pallet.

4. Finish All the Food You Order

When you order sushi, it is crucial that you finish everything that you order. This is especially true if you order the omakase course also known as the chef’s choice. If you choose to order the omakase course, failing to finish all your food is rude because it implies that the food is not prepared well or is of inferior quality. Even if you do not order the omakase course, leaving food behind is considered wasteful, and wasting food is frowned upon in Japanese culture.

5. Drink and Slurp the Soup

When you order a sushi dinner, you will also be served soup. While you may be accustomed to eating soup with a spoon, it is customary in Japanese culture to drink the soup instead. If spoons or chopsticks are provided, these are only for picking up solid food items such as noodles, meat, tofu or vegetables. If your soup contains noodles, it is important to slurp while eating them. In Japanese culture, it is rude not to slurp when eating because slurping implies that the chef did an excellent job on the food.

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